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Cathy Bedard, Founder of Eco East EndCatherine Hartman

Founder/CEO (Community Eco-Organizer)

Cathy is a leading force in the green movement on the east end of Long Island. Always a visionary, in 2005 Cathy was the first real estate professional to become certified as an eco broker, specializing in green building and alternative energy sources. As a founder of the Hamptons Chapter of Green Drinks, Cathy has forged hundreds of relationships between businesses, community members, government officials as well as helping others connect. A Marketer by trade, having worked for some of the top fashion houses, Cathy has started to build sustainable local economies, one community at a time. Join Cathy and her team on our ecopatchwork project and become a voice in this local movement.


lesa tinkerLesa Tinker

eco editor-in-chief

Lesa has been part of the green movement for only a few years but has embraced it with vigilance and enthusiasm. She is the Committee head for the Green Initiatives at her children's schools, where they are working hard to improve their recycling and reduce their paper usage and products, while furthering the students' Green knowledge of the 3R's - reduce, reuse, recycle. After spending 20 years in the world of Australian media here in NYC -working with top magazines including Australian Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Cosmopolitan -Lesa transitioned into the fundraising field where she lead many events to success. Lesa is constantly working on making her family and lifestyle as green and healthy as possible.


Lindsay BrownLindsay E. Brown

Lindsay is an advocate of the Slow Food Movement and believes that supporting local farmers and green businesses will not only preserve our planet but rescue our economy as well. After graduating from Manhattan College, Lindsay was instrumental in the launch of, an eco-friendly gift giving company. She's thrilled to be part of an organization bringing about change the Hamptons so desperately needs. Lindsay's daily green routine consists of toting her reusable water bottle and bags everywhere she goes, buying local food, contributing to a compost pile, caring for indoor and outdoor plants and walking as much as possible. Her green tip: Make your own non-toxic cleaning supplies! It's cheap and super easy.











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