10% of our net proceeds are given back to the community.


Our parent company EcoBiz, LLC is based on a triple bottom line philosophy, otherwise

known as the 3 P's. This means that we place value on People, the Planet and Profit follows.


Our Mission

To create a powerful green living movement on the East End of Long Island by building a network of businesses, institutions and individuals working with the purpose of creating a sustainable local community.


We believe that our community can be at the forefront of a green shift of consciousness through education, collaboration and awareness.


Our Goals

  • to make our community a leader in the market of sustainable living.
  • to create a new face to what green living looks like today.
  • to increase awareness through education and marketing.
  • provide a voice for sustainable and local businesses and individuals.
  • encourage businesses, individuals and organizations of all sizes, types and ages to join.
  • provide forums and events that foster discussion and sharing of experiences.


Our Plan

  • create a go-to, one-stop, fun, interactive and informative community website.
  • twice a year zero waste events for our community to get together and share what green living looks like.
  • a social media plan to promote our mission and all our members.


Our Video Message


from Founder, Cathy Hartman


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